Watch these videos to learn about her exciting books that promote analytical and creative thinking.  Mike Sion in a review on Amazon wrote; “The genius of HOOKED ON VERBS is that it engages the young student by having him or her choose from a list of four verbs describing action in the photo.  Thus, the student understands there can be more than one correct answer, and there are shades of meaning.”

Rain Donohue, Adult Basic Education Coordinator for Truckee Meadows community college wrote; “I am delighted to endorse Jan Zebrack’s AMAZING ANALOGIES textbook.  The response to this text by tutors, instructors and students has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Older individuals can remain in amazingly great physical condition if they work at it.  Consider Jan Zebrack, who at age 78 bicycled 900 miles in 2 ½ weeks in Chile.  She does have a carrot in front of her_ another long distance bicycle tour.  Read THE POWER OF POSITIVE PEDALING to be inspired.