Analogies For Young Kids Book 2


Photos by McAllister, Diane and Gregory Popovich, etc. CreateSpace (42 pp.)
$10.00 paperback, $2.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1502706850; December 15, 2014

Kirkus Book Review
Zebrack illustrates simple analogies to further a child’s Analytical and critical thinking skills.
This book introduces the world of analogies to young readers with an array of flora and fauna, including tropical plants and dinosaurs. From ” FINS are to a FISH as WINGS are to a…..” to “PLANTS are to the GROUND as CLOUDS are to the ….,” analogies and their accompanying images are engaging and most importantly, fun for ths reader.”

Most “imaginative play” books, as they are dubbed on the shelf are stale and contrived. There’s hardly any creative effort put into them. Learning, however, must be captivating in order to be effective and this work goes beyond the standard analogies to pose other questions related to each respective topic.  The science-based queries (such as “Why do snakes, alligators and lizards have scales instead of fur?” and “Were more dinosaurs carnivores or herbivores?”) are a great addition to the book as they teach children to make connections between subjects and extend that ability to other topics. It also makes the work more engaging for older readers and parents-after all, does everyone know “Why do some animals live where it is really hot and other animals live where it is rcally cold?”

Some of the bold, bright photos in the book are Zebrack’s own, taken as she toured the world by bicycle with her husband. It’s a lovely personal touch to a book that is so clearly a labor of love.

At the end of the work, children have an opportunity to dream up and subrnit their own analogies for a chance to win a prize for their school.  The second in the series, this book makes apparent former teacher Zebrack’s love of learning.
An engaging, imaginative way to teach critical thinking to kids.

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