A BEAM of light is to a BEAM for gymnastics

A BEAM of light is to a BEAM for gymnastics as a BOX is to ?


beam of light_0001 beam of light_0002 beam of light_0003 beam of light_0004

 BEAM                         BEAM                         BOX                             BOX

(Hint: What you do in the sport of boxing ?)

ANSWER: box.

There are many words in the English language that are spelled the same or sound the same but have different meanings.   These words are called homonyms.  We have these words because they make our language more rich and diverse, like our cultures and people in America.

A beam can be a ray of light, like a moonbeam, sunbeam or high beam, or a beam used for balancing in gymnastics.  A box can be something for packaging things, and to box is a sport where people fight with boxing gloves by punching and using defense.  The analogy works because both pairs of words are homonyms.  Homonyms that are spelled the same are called homographs.

Who was the most famous American boxer ?  Why was he so famous?

Analogy text and drawings by Jane, age 14, as an independent entry,

Sage Ridge School, Reno, Nevada.



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